Croma Saypha Rich


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Croma Saypha Rich is a viscoelastic solution used to replenish the loss of hyaluronic acid due to ageing. It is also used improve hydration, tone and elasticity of the skin. It improves small lines such as crow’s feet, smile lines or smoke lines surrounding the mouth.

Product concentration:

  • HA 2.3% (23 mg / mL)

The pack consists of:

  • 1 x 1ml syringe
  • 2 x 30G needle

Intended for:

  • Corrects fine lines
  • Improves hydration within the skin
  • Improves the tone and elasticity of the skin



Saypha® is a complete range of hyaluronic acid fillers that are used to gently correct wrinkles and folds, restore volume loss, increase lip volume and enhance definition.,sculpt and shape the natural contour of the face. Croma is quickly establishing itself as one of the leaders of modern lip fillers.

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