Belotero® Balance Lidocaine 1ml


Belotero® Balance Lidocaine is injectable dermal filler ( with anaesthetic lidocaine ) based on Hyaluronic Acid – naturally occurring substance in the body. When Belotero Balance is injected it draws moisture to the treatment area creating volume and smoothing lines and wrinkles.

Created using unique proprietary Cohesive Polydensified Matrix ( CPM ) process that integrates naturally and quickly into the skin tissue.

Other benefits :
– Feels natural to the touch
– Maintains normal movement and facial expressions
– Immediate and noticeable results with little or no downtime
– Clinically proven safe and effective
– Presence of anaesthetic lidocaine reduces pain for more comfortable injection and overall experience for the patient.

Results vary with each patient but usually last 6 months or longer, depending on severity of the original wrinkles and how much filler was used.

The pack consists of:

  • 1x1ml syringe

Intended for:

  • Moderate to severe nasolabial folds
  • Vertical lip lines above and around the lips
  • Smile lines, lip wrinkles

Please read package leaflet before use.

Safety notice

Patients with a history of allergies may be advised to seek alternative treatments. Belotero Balance should not be used in patients with allergies to gram-positive bacterial proteins.



There are a lot of injectable fillers available on the market, but it’s important to remember that only those of the highest quality will result in your desired end result of reduced facial wrinkles and the appearance of natural looking, smoother skin being achieved. Belotero® is a premium hyaluronic acid dermal filler which is injected under the skin. The Belotero® treatment is used to fill wrinkles, restore facial volume and contour and enhance lips. Not only does Belotero® improves the appearance of aging skin, it also provides excellent hydration and boosts collagen production for long-lasting, yet instant results. Stocking a wide range of Belotero® dermal fillers, ranging from Belotero® lidocaine to Belotero® soft, FillerBoutique have all the Belotero® products you need for your aesthetic procedures.

Additional information

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Dimensions 19 × 6 × 4 cm


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